Carden-Harris Nursery
Azaleas & Japanese Maples
Other Plant Descriptions

VITEX ‘SHOAL CREEK’—large shrub or small tree, gets 12 feet tall & wide, gray-green aromatic foliage, violet blooms.  Butterflies and Bumblebees love it. 
MOONLIGHT MAGIC CRAPE MYRTLE—Snowy white flowers contrast with deep maroon leaves. Gets 12’ tall and 4-6’ wide. Zone 6.
PLUM MAGIC CRAPE MYRTLE—Bright fuchsia-pink blooms with new leaves emerging plum-purple turning rich, dark green. Will get 6-10’ tall and wide. Zone 6.
EBONY & IVORY CRAPE MYRTLE—Pure white blooms with black purple leaves. Gets 10-12’ tall and 8’ wide. Zone 7. The same plant as Black Diamond Pure White.
EBONY GLOW CRAPE MYRTLE—Blush white blooms fading to white with black purple leaves. Get 10-12’ tall and 8’ wide. Zone 7.  The same plant as Black Diamond Blush.

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